Case against Kangana for an anti-farmer tweet

Tumkuru district police registered a case on Tuesday Bollywood Actor Kangana Ranaut for her tweet against farmers opposing agricultural laws passed by Parliament. Last week, a Tumkuru court directed the local Kytasandra police station to book Kangana Ranaut for her tweet on the farmers. Advocate L. last month. The decision came after Ramesh Naik filed a complaint. “My case against Popular Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut is not there to garner any publicity, but to tell him that what she did was wrong. When farmers take to the streets to oppose any government policy, they are not necessarily terrorists, as they think. I have been involved in many such protests, am I a terrorist? I need clarification on this and that is why I am fighting the case, “Naik told IANS. On September 21, Kangana tweeted,” Misinformation about CAA and rumor-mongers who cause riots, The same people are now giving wrong information about the farmers. “Bills and terrorists in the country, they are terrorists” A complaint was filed against him. He refused to entertain his complaint.

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Source: TOI

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