Celebs root for Pets in the midst of Covid-19-pandemic
The outbreak of the novel coronavirus afraid of the people around the world has confirmed. Although the information is verified by sources, of some of the misconceptions have made their way into the minds of the people. And one among them was that the novel virus was spread by animals such as cats and dogs, due to a large number of people have seen that the waiver of your Pets.
Bollywood actor, to take the currently self-quarantined to your social media handles free, verified information, and give safety tips for your fans. They also took the Problem of people abandoning their Pets in the consequence of the misinformation.

Actors like, Arjun Kapoor, Kriti Sanon, John Abraham, Sonali Bendre, Mini Mathur and others were seen rooting for their fur buddies. You have to share pictures with your Pets together with information stating that the animals are safe and you should not let you down in times of a pandemic such as this.

However, Animal Welfare Board of India recently published an article, where they issued a clarification that the animals confirmed no spread of the novel coronavirus. It is also mentioned that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), cats, and animals can not be infected in the current scenario, the coronavirus infection.