The head of the Republic-TV Arnab Goswami bursts atShahid
Kapoor and his wife Mira Rajput and Priyanka Chopra and her husband Nick Jonas
for their irresponsible behavior should not be implemented. Goswami, hit Nick and Priyanka for participation
Isha Ambanis’ holi bash and fails Shahid Kapoor and Mira for sightseeing-gym
in Bandra, when the entire world before the heat of the deadly virus. He also
gave a good lesson, the singer Kanika Kapoor, who has already tested coronavirus

Goswami began his examination with his usual Tirade, as he said,
“The Prime Minister spoke yesterday of sanyam and sankalp. The restraint and fix it when it comes
the national fight against the coronavirus. In view of the manner in which the news has
broken through the day of a Bollywood singer celebrated with hundreds of people
and has now tested corona are positive, I think a different word might have been added was
back to attitude and determination, the other R is is responsibility.”

He continued, “Bollywood must understand that responsibility
goes far beyond that occasional tweet…We find so many of the great
Shot in Bollywood who are now, say, tweet to, ‘Oh, we support the Prime Minister
Narendra modi’, the celebrations, until recently, as there is no
morning. One of them is open to the rule of social distancing broke by the connection
you can open a gymnasium in Mumbai.”

“These movie stars, these politicians. It is the mindset that
comes to play, isn’t it?”

The starting point of his TV show Friday night, Goswami said, “a Different
irresponsible Bollywood name (Priyanka Chopra), flew first of America
with her husband, and attended two high-profile Holi party. One in Mumbai and
a in Pune. Well, that is irresponsible. This is now not a point, and let me repeat
there’s no point, is the Ambassador for the world health organization or
any other global organization, if you act irresponsible
Their own country, and so irresponsible towards their own people.”

Goswami did not stop here. He gave Priyanka a round
the roast as he said, “I mean, Priyanka Chopra comes to tweeting, ‘I’m
Do the video and the video. I’m going to speak in the name of
the WHO.’ I mean, what a nonsense. She and her husband, Nick, whatever his name is,
a non-stop Party have been…you wouldn’t do this in America Priyanka. You
only this would be to do in India, because in India, they think they are the VVIP
and you can break the rules.”

Goswami mentioned the names of Priyanka Chopra, her husband
Nick, Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandez, Sonali Bendre, Huma Qureshi, the Isha Ambani is the Holi bash.

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