Actress Pallavi Joshi has urged the nation to be a role model for the world in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Right now, India is being observed as a nation by the world. Of the more developed economies like Italy and more influential world powers like the United States. From neighbors like China and Iran. They are all monitoring whether India is able to deal with an impending threat to the health care system, the economy and the lives of its citizens. As a nation on the verge of an exponential explosion, are we smart enough, strong enough, kind enough, and responsible enough to fight a common enemy? An enemy feared around the world, ”said Pallavi.

Coronavirus pandemic: “These are times of war and it is our chance to write a story,” says actress Pallavi Joshi

The famous actress “Woh Chhokri” added: “We have the chance to show the world that we are a young, watchful and united country. And we can fight what seems so insurmountable. Do your part. Maintain social distance. If you have compassion for someone who is disadvantaged, use public funds responsibly. These are times of war and it is our chance to write a story. Don’t let it happen. Together we can! “

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