In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, many rumors and myths have found their way into our WhatsApp inboxes. Such an unsubstantiated rumor links the disease to pets, which in turn has led to the trend that people leave pets.

Several Bollywood stars have posted on social media to urge their fans to ignore such rumors, and insisted that pets are not responsible for the spread of the virus.

COVID-19: From Kriti Sanon to Twinkle Khanna, Bollywood urges people not to give up pets

“Pets cannot carry or contain the Covid 19 virus! So keep calm, give them love and spend some time with your PAWsome Munchkins! #SpreadLove #StayPositive,” Kriti Sanon tweeted.

Richa Chadha asked on social media: “Dogs are not carriers of coronaviruses! Please, please, please, don’t let your pets down! They think you are their parents. Would you leave your child? You must be so confused and involved broken heart. Please don’t! “

In response to Richa Chadha’s tweet, singer Sona Mohapatra wrote: “Do people actually do that ?! Animals and dogs in particular are our best bets in these times of isolation. Dear machines and our best best friends. “

“There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about the spread of #coronavirus by animals and pets. What happens for this reason is heartbreaking. Health experts claim that there is no evidence that pets can spread the infection, ”wrote Sonali Bendre.

Twinkle Khanna said: “There is no evidence that dogs and cats pass on Covid-19! Because of misleading posters and dubious sources of information, people leave their pets! Snuggling a day keeps the doctor and vet away, so snuggle #Dogperson away. “

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