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Manmeet Gulzar of “Meet Bros” fame is exit to keep no stone unturned to protect himself and his family. To do right from the social isolation, worry strictly from the first day to stock up on essentials in place to ensure that studies will not be interrupted by her daughter; the singer-songwriter, it all. In an exclusive chat with the ETimes, Manmeet opened to cope with his strategy, and self-quarantine during the Corona-Virus-pandemic, and more.
Speaking about the widespread pandemic, he said, “It’s just a sign, a message, and learning for all of us, the never be to sure about everything in life. Anything can happen, each of us. Both my brother and I were in quarantine at home. The biggest gain is that there are no loopholes. If we say that we are isolated, what we have done is that we stocked our homes with medications, essentials, eat for a month now, and there are no shipments happening now. It is the Board in front of my house that is isolated, “Self”, which means that we do not accept deliveries. We are not ordering anything.”


Even before the 21-day lockdown has been announced, the musician said that he had covered his house with the most necessary for a month. “We have made a list of what we need for a month. Our mother lives with us. Harmeet and his family do not come to us, and we are it. Now, we are in full quarantine zone. We will not get out. We are not going to let anyone come home. There will be no one to ring our bell, knock on our door,” he added.

To give a talk about the message that he would love his fans, he assured, “These are the times where you have to show that you are brave. This is the time to sit quietly at home, and break the chain. So far we have Indians done a great job. We have the lowest number of cases in our country, although we density the largest population. Now we are able to break the chain and sitting at home, we might be able to win it.”

Elaborating further, he added, “There is no maid in our house. We are a family together, do house work such as mopping and dusting of the house. We have never done it before, and we love it as a family. We have a great time doing it. I have worked with Youtube videos, with my wife and daughter and it is so much fun.”

“I think it is God’s way to us in a house, where we spend some time and share moments that we never made, because something or other happened in our life. And the last time I checked, the Bollywood Mumbai with air-condition, not to say that it is unhealthy. It said mostly clear. It is such a beautiful sight. So I think it is God’s way of disinfection in the world. We also need to give the rest of nature. For a few days, weeks, months, stay home and enjoy it with your family and play Board games with you and have a good time,” he concluded.

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