Exclusive! Sonal on the connection with yourself
Actress Sonal Chauhan, which her Bollywood debut with Emraan Hashmi in “Jannat”, says that the ongoing deadly Corona Virus-pandemic is concerned, each of us, directly or indirectly. She feels sad for the film industry, because everything is closed and there is a loss of almost Rs 800 crore due to the current situation threatens.

In an exclusive interaction with the ETimes, Staff shows that you have this free time to be in contact with itself, because the actors barely have time in the midst of your appointment calendar. Excerpts…

How has life changed post the Corona Virus pandemic?

What is happening to our planet in the last couple of months, is really tragic and very sad. I don’t think there is anyone whose life is not affected by this virus, directly or indirectly. All sitting in front of the television or try, the information in some way or the other, how it affects the world. It has a lot of unnecessary panic, which could have been avoided. My life was greatly impaired. The film industry has been hard hit. It is a global core melt in all areas. I had five to six events which are cancelled already, and it was the right decision, which many people have been the life and health in connection with it. It is understandable, completely. I think everyone suffers in their own way and in the same time, let us all be positive and strong, that this too will pass. It will end soon and we will all be in order.

What kind of precautions you take?

Every day with social media, which is so strong, we get information about the measures taken and to follow the things. A couple of things that are not very important – social distancing, meet go to a party or people, unless it’s really important. I’m trying to follow as much as I can. Otherwise, wash your hands in a timely manner, do not touch your face and maintain basic cleanliness. Most importantly, build a strong immune system to fight against the bacteria. I’m building with a lot of vitamin drugs and water, and I think we all should, ourselves, and our environment.

How did this affect your work? Any cancelled shoots?

I had events and shoots be deleted or pushed. I was actually going to start shooting from March 23, but it was postponed for an indefinite period of time. According to my information, I know that the film industry is too large, bearing I guess, a loss of Rs 800 crore due to the virus. Also the theatres are closed, so it is very sad but we can’t help it.

How busy you keep yourself, as everything is in lockdown… all you have to do is, in this free time?

I’m trying to keep myself busy, things like movies/shows online, catching up on all my books and spends a lot of time with my sister. We actors hardly get any time for ourselves, so that this break is to help a great way to connect with myself.

How are you at taking care of your family and the families at this time?

I only advise that you use every day, air purifiers have vitamins, take all common precautions to be safe-and only the really needed.

What is the message you want to give to all during this time?

In a time like this, I would like to say that the most important thing to do is to not panic. There are a lot of fake news that circulated, due to which there is a lot of panic, created on purpose. This fake panic is totally unnecessary and I’m against it. Stay safe, stay indoors, distance yourself, avoid meeting in large gatherings to avoid eating in restaurants or crowded places. You keep washing your hands, and you remember that you your vitamins for a healthy immune system.