FWICE writes a letter to Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray demanding strict guidelines before filming continues

FWICE (Federation of Western India Cine Employees) these days wrote a letter to Maharashtra Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray suggesting guidelines for resuming filming and sequence. The blocking off of the state ends on May 31.

The letter stated: “FWICE (Federation of Western India Cine Employees) is the oldest and biggest group of employees and technicians in all the media and leisure business. FWICE is the mum of 32 other handicrafts and technicians of the media and leisure business in Maharashtra, which encompass greater than 5 Lakh participants and are secure underneath their massive roof.

As a outcome, there was once an SOP / coverage that shall be practiced whilst resuming paintings within the media and leisure business.

Some of the important thing notices, amongst others, are scientific assessments which are obligatory for all automobiles and group participants coming into the units whilst filming.

Craftsmen and group participants should be stationed within the studio or in a resort so as to keep away from journeys and contacts with outsiders till all the shoot has ended. Availability of private care gadgets reminiscent of face mask / indicators, hand disinfectants, and so on. for all group participants by way of the producers.

Smaller group participants can participate within the internal pictures. eight hour shift. The paintings will have to be divided into two shifts a day. It is obligatory to alternate other folks in keeping with shift. Ambulances, medical doctors and nurses are obligatory on each set. The per 30 days cost ends each month. Daily wages should be paid day by day.

What do you bring to mind the guidelines?

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