Harvey Weinstein-tests positive for coronavirus
The former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who was convicted has been tested to 23 years in New York state prison on charges of sexual assault and third-degree rape positive for COVID-19, in prison, according to local media.

Variety reports that Weinstein is one of the two occupants at the turn of a Correctional Facility who tested positive for coronavirus was isolated Gazette in New York state prison, according to the Niagara.

The local newspaper based in Niagara Falls cites “officials connected with the state prison system” as their sources, which revealed that Weinstein has tested positive for the virus, but spoke to the paper anonymously because they were not authorized to speak on the condition of the Oscar-winning Film producer.

The sources told the newspaper, it is believed Weinstein had already contracted the virus by the time he was in the state prison system last Wednesday.

Before the transfer, Harvey Hospital in New York City has been at the Bellevue, where he is monitored for heart disease and high blood pressure.

When variety asked the speaker Weinstein said he had no positive information on the Weinstein-Tests for COVID-10. Weinstein is a lawyer and his prison consultant, both also said they could not confirm the report

When asked if Weinstein has tested positive for COVID-19, Weinstein s prison consultants, said: “nobody has said to the defense team. Period of time. We can not confirm that, nor care to comment on speculation.” (ANI)

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