Bollywood News About – “Heartbreaking! Britney Spears Will “Possibly Never” Return To Stage”

Long-time Britney Spears manager Larry Rudolph said the singer may never perform again.

"As a person who guides her career – based on the information that concerns me, all the professionals who work with her are informed of the need to know – after what I understood, it is clear for me that she should not go back to do this residency in Vegas, not in the near future and maybe never again, "Rudolf told

Heartbreaking! Britney Spears 'may never return' on stage

Rudolph directed Spears for most of his career, returning to his first album. Baby again, in 1999.

"I have been with her for two-thirds of her life. I look at her almost as I look at my own daughter. It's very moving for me … and very hard. Personally, I want her to find a peaceful and happy place, all that means for her. It's no longer a career, it's life, "he told

Britney needs to undergo a psychological evaluation after …

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