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Hilarious Bollywood memes on Cyclone Nisarg!

Hilarious Bollywood memes on Cyclone Nisarg!
The 12 months 2020 is already unhealthy on account of the Corona Virus pandemic, locust assaults, deaths of Bollywood biggies, Bush fires, and extra. And now, cyclone Nisarg is added to the checklist!

India Meteorological Department declared a purple alert in Bollywood Mumbai for the cyclone-Nisara, which hit town nowadays, within the early hours of the morning. Several Bollywood celebrities took to their social media handles to make everybody conscious about the ideas, at the side of BMC.

But those humorous “memes” with Bollywood dialogues to provide an explanation for the present state of affairs will force you safely away your worries!!! The social media was once flooded with memes is based totally on the cyclone; right here, check out it:

Meanwhile, as reported, the cyclone Nisarg pass north Maharashtra and Gujarat coast between Harihareshwar in A district and Daman will likely be early Wednesday morning.