For a month, singer Shweta Pandit it was locked
Your house in Italy and it was very scary for you, than the dreaded virus
your infect at any time. Italy is in the worst of the Corona-Virus-pandemic, with nearly
800 dead in 24 hours.

Shweta Pandit, who is isolated in your Italy home,
calls for the people in your country keep to the rules and restrictions of the government
and stay at home.

In a video she shared on Instagram, Shweta says, “Apne suna
catering coronavirus ne pure ” vishwa me hungama macha ke rakha hai. Itna ki aaj Pure
Bharat me lockdown bhi announce ho gaya hai. Ek cheez jo mai aapko batana
chahungi, jo meri aankho dekhi hai. Where the ki-coronavirus ne my drying house jada tabaahi
jaha machai hai, mai usi desh mein hu, Italy, my. Dosto mai khud pichle ek maheene
se ghar se bahar nahi nikli (you must have heard about the coronavirus, which is
you create Chaos around the world. India also announced the full closure and
the was essential. I want to tell you something that I saw. I am currently in
Italy – the country, the most by a Corona-Virus pandemic in the
World. I was trapped in my own apartment here).”

She says further, “Kyuki humein jab pata chala ki ek aisi
bimari jiska hume pata bhi nahi ki ye kab hua aur kisase milne se hua. Aur ye
ek sadharan sa sardi approached hai ya kuch aur hai. Jab tak admi doctor ke paas
jata hai, fir aspatal jata hai uske baad usse pata chalta hai usse ICU ki
jarurat hai,usse oxygen ki jarurat hai aur kuch hi din baad uski mrity bhi ho
jati hai. Your itna khatarnak hai dosto. Your koi mazaak ki bat nahi hai. Kopi
Picnic manane aur chhutti ki bat nahi hai. Bahut dukh ke saath mai ye keh rahi
hu kyuki yaha Italy e maine dekha hai. BWI SEAP news to me hoga dekha, hazaar do
hazaar nahi, 8000 jaanein gayin hai (This is such a disease that we no longer
understand how and when we have it. We do not know whether it is a normal flu or
coronavirus infection. By the time we go to our doctors to the hospitals,
it is too late, and we need to stop is the intensive and the supply of oxygen. The man dies in a few
Days. This is not a joke, it is very dangerous. This is not a picnic or vacation.
It is with great sadness that I say that I’ve seen how serious the situation is.
You must also be seen in the news that about 8,000 deaths

“May roz subah uthti hu to sirf mujhe sick ki awaz ati car
hai. You may sach keh rahi hu apko. Aur bahut dukh ke saath keh rahi hu.Logo-ne,
Bharat se kai phone kiye , khairiyat puchi uske liye mai aap sabki shukraguzaar
hu. Apki duaaon se apne ghar ke andar hu, surakshit hu?(Every morning, I Wake up
to the sirens of the ambulance. This is the truth. The people are calling for me
and ask after my well-being. It is because of the prayers, I am sure, within
my house-and healthy),” she added.

They also shared some scary details of how you got stuck in Italy,
instead of reaching your home and your family in India. “Lekin ye dheere dheere
duniya ko pakad raha hai, duniya ko. America, London, kai aise deshon me
pahunch chuka hai aur ab to Bharat me bhi dheere dheere ghar karna chahta hai. Bharat
lucky hai ki ye kaafi se pahuncha. Mujhe kai logo ne pucha hai ki Italy me
kaise pahuncha ya kaise itna faila. Property, plant and mayne me hume bhi nahi pata. Jab tak
hum samajhne ki koshish card tab tak ye kaafi fail chuka tha.Mai nahi chahti
aisa bharat me ho. May khud Holi ke din apne ghar wapas ane wali thi. Mere
parivar ke paas, mere mata pita, behen mere bhai, sab choice grove. Mai yaha akeli
hu yaad bahut ati hai unki. Mai chahti thi mai flight pakad ke apne family ke
paas chali jaun. Lekin maine nahi kiya kyuki mai nahi chahti ki ye virus mujhme
aaye aur galti se bhi mere se aur logo tak pahunche. Your decision maine khud
liya, ye mujhe kisi government officials ne nahi samjhaya. Ya koi mujhe letter
likh kr nahi diya ki apko aisa karna hai.Kyuki mai apni suraksha chahti thi,
aur dusro ki bhi saath me.Mai nahi chahti thi mai aise kisi admi se jisko milu
ye hai, kyuki aapko pata nahi chalta aur jab pata chalta hai tab tak bahut the
ho chuki hoti hai (The virus that spread around the world slowly. America,
London and now India has reached where it wants to stay. India is fortunate that
he reached it too late. A lot of people have asked, as it reached and spread in
Italy. We know it’s not really. To understand the time to try we started, it had
already spread its wings completely. I do not want the same to happen in India.
Also, I wanted to go back to India for Holi. I had a flight and
reached my family. I’m all alone here, but I wanted to catch the virus
or distribute it over my body. You never know whether or not the person that you hit has
the virus. And that was my decision, not a civil servant said to me)”

“Mai chahti hu aap sab ladein, ise pachadiye. Ghar par
rahiye, haath dhoiye. Parivar walo se bhi door se bat karein. Dosto se
video call pe bat karein, music, suniye, kuch padhiye , aaram kijiye. Sure
rahiye. (I want to fight you all to the disease and defeat it. To stay at home,
you wash your hands. Also you can speak with your family at a distance. Speak
Friends on video calls. Listen to music, read something, take. rest? Be
safe), Jai Hind,” you are logged off.

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