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Recently, Hema Malini have a great time appeared on Kapil Sharma’s Show’, where they had with the host Kapil Sharma and the audience. They opened some of the interesting chapters of your life in addition to the fun of the show. Hema Malini revealed that Dharmendra booked to deliver a whole hospital to you, as you was going to be, Esha and Ahana Deol.

According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, Hema Malini, said, “Yes, it is true, during the delivery of Esha and Ahana, had he (Dharmendra) booked the whole hospital in my name, so that I don’t get bothered by fans.”

Hema was not Alone on the map. She was accompanied by her daughter Esha Deol, who made her debut as an author with her book with the title ‘Mamma Mia’. The ‘Dream Girl’ of Bollywood has also shown that Dharmendra was initially not supportive Esha acting in movies. She said, “Esha was interested in extracurricular activities such as sports and dance. To be like in our house, we used to do dance exercise to like because they started and wanted to be a professional dancer, and even her career in Bollywood. However, Dharamji did not know how to dance for his daughter or makes her Bollywood debut and he had an objection.”

Hema Malini also said that there was a time when she dozed off during the conversation with Dharmendra. She said, “During this time, I was constantly up all night to shoot, and because I was too tired and fell asleep while talking to Dharamji. Pyaar bhari baatein, ek certain time tak think lagi hain and then you start to get bored… agar Dharamji yeh sunenge toh unhe bahot bura lagega.”

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