To 5 p.m. during Janta Curfew, our Bollywood stars also
stepped on her balcony and clapped for the medical treatment of personnel, cleaning and
all those who work selflessly around the clock to limit the spread of the
dreaded disease. From Amitabh Bachchan to Deepika Padukoneall came out of their balcony and clapped for the corono-fighters.

Akshay Kumar shared a video on Instagram and wrote,
“5 minutes to 5pm :With my neighbor,taking a moment to appreciate those in the know
do not have that luxury to stay at home & work tirelessly to us
sure.Many thanks to all of the major service providers for their selfless
Work #JanataCurfew
#Break corona @iHrithik #SajidNadiadwala.”

Varun wrote for have to do, “#JANTACURFEW we, this
more. Everyone of my age, please keep your parents safe. I welcome the
Heroes in the fight with this virus.” Karan Johar with his video, “This is
our family celebrates the unity of spirit and resilience…today we will show also
huge thanks to all the members of the medical profession, the
tirelessly and relentlessly worked to heal the infected to protect
Thousands of people from this dreaded virus ….#India fight corona.”

Boney Kapoor tweeted, “Big thank you to the invisible
Protector of all of us,- Dr, nurses, hospital staff, municipal workers, police,
Govt Officials & Media. We remain Protected because of you. #JanataCurfew.”

Vicky Kaushal common hid video on Instagram with it
like, “of all Of us, the real heroes – the paramedics, doctors, nurses,
volunteers, the police, the government and who is responsible, and
Stay back in the home to ensure the safety of themselves, their families, and other…
we are in him – stronger and healthier! #Gratitude
#India fight corona.”

Kangana Ranaut, too, clapped along with sister Rangoli Chandel.
Rangoli shared the video and titled it as “Here we are, in our with the expression
Gratitude for all the people outside of their homes, so we
Stay in one of our houses, Can protect Maa Sherawali you.”

Hema Malini To also expressed their gratitude and wrote, ”
on a lighter note, but also behind Janta Curfew, as well as the spl-5
Minutes of thanks to all the medical staff and all those who do
to keep as much of our country is safe from the Corona – that is to practice for to carry me
the the shankh in regard to the PM request.”

Sharing a video of him beating a thali on his balcony,
veteran actor Anupam Kher thanked “all those who tirelessly and
selflessly helped others in difficult times”.

“This is our family celebrates the unity of spirit and
Resilience…today we will show enormous gratitude to all the members of the
the medical profession, who worked tirelessly and relentlessly in the direction of healing
the infected and the protection of thousands of people from this dreaded virus ….#India fight corona
Karan Johar wrote on an Instagram post share a moment.

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