The whole nation expressed their anger against the attack on JNU, leads to a lot of students and teachers injured. Bollywood filmmaker Kabir Khan shares a special bond with the University, as he expressed an alumnus of the University, with a request that a police officer, beat the protesting students, is unfair. He feels the actions of the Delhi police shows the death of democracy, the practice of our nation said to to. A few days ago, the filmmakers, the desire, had expressed his total disappointment over this attack.

The entire nation is greatly affected by the attack at the JNU, now filmmaker Kabir Khan has expressed the desire, his anger is spoken and about the protests. According to the Director, police officers, students, the protesters, the death of democracy

In an interview with the news Agency IANS, the Bajrangi Bhaijaan Director expressed, these types of violent attacks to suppress the voice of the students and while these students teach the adults to speak their mind for the moral future of the country. Also to add further, he expressed to be satisfied that the student and adult in the nation to join the protest in the hope for a better result. He described the sight of the beaten up students to walk from the University, with the hands in the air, as uncomfortable in his conversation. READ ALSO: JNU violence: filmmaker Kabir Khan On The Terrible attacks, ‘JNU home to See heart-wrenching, The India of Today’

“When students talk to don’t like something and you want it to, you can’t stop to do it. If you think that you are wrong, you can take the discussion with you. But have not the police, to suppress them and beat them in their campus. This is not the culture we want,” he adds further. ALSO READ: Kangana Ranaut To Deepika to Visit JNU And #BoycottChhapaak: you Know Very Well What you are Doing – EXCLUSIVE


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