1/ 11Kajol wishes his mother Tanuja his birthday with a photo back

In addition to being a woman and a loving mother for her two children, Kajol is still a darling daughter of her mother Tanuja whom she considers her greatest influence in life. Today, while the former actress had aged a year, Kajol has seized her social media to publish one of the most beautiful wishes of his birthday.

Taking her Instagram nickname, she shared a photo back where we can see Tanuja dressed in a traditional Maharashtrian garment and shaking a leg with her mother and grandmother. Photo caption, Kajol wrote, "Happy birthday to my super mom who still has the same enthusiasm and love for life that she did fifty years ago … a hard-to-follow example, but the influence of most important of my life. life ! Still on the picture, his grandmother and my great-grandmother who was also one of the biggest influences of my life! Ratanbai Shilotri! "

Meanwhile, Kajol is preparing for the release of his upcoming movie "Helicopter Eela" which will be released on October 12, 2018.

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