The Tara Sharma Show Season 5 has received the praise of both fans and the industry. Have a variety of clients from various walks of life of the very inspirational talk show has had some lovely guests so far, and the latest to join the host Tara Sharma Saluja was actress Kalki Koechlin. A mother-to-be and a mother of two children has an incredible interaction throughout the episode.

Although the two ladies were seen to speak of many things, the highlight was to see a pregnant woman Kalki Koechlin discussion about motherhood and pregnancy with Tara. While the two lovely ladies discussed the multi-cultural, Tara has also asked Kalki if she would do things like his parents did. Sharing his point of view on the same, Kalki said, “there are good things and bad things, I’m going to pick some of my relatives, and take no other. What I love about it is that they were very organic in terms of community, we have grown up in Pondicherry. My mom had a natural childbirth at home, there was no epidural. I’m also having a natural birth in a clinic, and the faculty of medicine if it is necessary.”

Tara has also pointed out that even if it is painful, it is all worth it. Later, Kalki has taken some honest advice from Tara who is a mother of two children, when Tara shared her experience of childbirth. And even if it was very beautiful to see the two mothers to share their experiences, Kalki has also given a very good suggestion for all pregnant women and their families when she said, “I’ve seen a lot of difficult moments and I think that men are so clueless about it. If you are a partner or a member of the family to find some of these things. My first quarter has been a lot of vomiting, the weakness, and I was not really in good shape. Then, the people in the life of the pregnant woman should have information on all of this.”

The sharing of his experience of being in a conversation with Kalki Koechlin, Tara said, “Kalki and I chatted about lots of fun and useful things. Her pregnancy, the celebration of differences, climate change,…

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