Kangana Ranaut has a fair answer to people who call her a gold miner: “Do you have another goal of being one of the richest people …”

Kangana Ranaut and her tale of rags to wealth isn’t any secret. Ranaut has observed the entirety from escaping at an exceptionally comfortable age from house to growing one of the maximum sought-after actresses of her technology.

While the actress says that minting cash used to be by no means her number one goal, she has been advised greater than as soon as that she is a gold digger from a small the town! Yes, you learn that. In one of her final conversations with Pinkvilla, the Manicarnica Actress has bared the entirety.

Kangana Ranaut has stated that even supposing she by no means aimed to earn money after being referred to as a gold miner, she now desires to be one of the richest 50 Indian ladies. The actress advised of her commute to B-Town and stated, “To be honest, I never thought I would get this far. I never had this as my primary ambition. I had no material ambitions. But it started, when I saw that women are judged very much for not having material ambitions. Men are running this race. Women feel vulnerable at this point. As a woman, I don’t think about money. “

Kangana Ranaut additional stated: “But do I appear to be this from the outdoor? That I’m a gold digger from a small the town? This is one thing that I have been advised so disgustingly and that has modified my lifestyles perpetually. Then it used to be about subject material issues. Then I believed that if I did, I would possibly have a fair likelihood in society. Now I have another goal to be one of the richest people in India by way of the age of 50. “

In the period in-between, the queen actress made headlines after opening the door to her posh and just about 50-crore bungalow administrative center house in the center of Mumbai. Kangana Ranaut stated that from the acquire of the land to the renovation, she put a piece of her soul into her new belongings.

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