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After a wait of seven long years, the Internet users of the court’s decision praised to hang the four convicts in the Delhi rape and murder(2012). To fight Nirbhaya’s parents have, for the last seven long years for justice. The terrible incident occurred in Delhi on December 16, 2012, and the four prisoners were finally hanged on Friday I have.e March-20.

Several Bollywood stars like the Indian movie directed Pannu, Riteish Deshmukh, Raveena Tandon, and others, had welcomed the court’s decision to hang the convicts. Kangana is the latest celebrity to comment on the case, is Ranaut.

According to the latest reports in SpotboyE, Kangana spoke about the slow justice of our country. The actress says that we tortured Nirbhaya’s mother for seven long years. The “Queen” of Bollywood said, “Our judicial system is quite old and unfair. It took seven long years for our judiciary to give judgement on a horrific rape and murder case shook the entire nation. I remember, to take part in the candle March for Nirbhaya at the time, when I was shooting for “Queen”. Here you have quick justice for such a brutal crime. Indirectly, we have tortured Nirbhaya’s mother and the whole family for seven long years.”

Kangana says that the judiciary has taken to deliver for a very long time for justice in this case and people have already forgotten about this case all these years.

Talking about how you added an emotional connection with Nirbhaya’s mother, Kangana further, “I feel based on Nirbhaya’s mom’s name Asha Devi and my mother’s name Asha. I still remember the time when my sister Rangoli had to attack a acidic, and the defendant had to ask to bail the people of us, how could we let go of the accused and keep quite. Those were the times, the feeling I used to get angry at our justice why the defendant was released on bail and the victim suffered. Rangoli suffered burns ear and her eye was damaged. I have audited your network of skin transplanted, but it was only possible because I was an actress, it had already been a common man, it would have always remained the same. The times, to move the we tried, were the people behind us ask ourselves, why we were letting the defendant go free. Just think of Nirbhaya’s mother to the people for seven long years. People would not be left once you are out from the shock if you wanted to. We have tortured, killed their family for seven long years, and you, indirectly.”

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