It’s been more than 24 hours since singer Kanika Kapoor has attended several public events and high-profile parties, despite being tested positive for COVID-19, and Bollywood has been largely monitored in response to the situation. The few answers were mixed. While some residents of B-Town have criticized Kanika for not telling their travel story upon arrival from the UK, some feel unnecessarily bullyed.

While Kanika was largely criticized and trolled throughout Saturday and the hashtag #KanikaKaCoronaCrime was announced on Twitter, actress Sonam Kapoor stepped forward to defend the singer.

“Hey guys, @TheKanikakapoor came back on the 9th. India was not self-isolating, it was playing Holi, ”wrote Sonam.

Kanika Kapoor Coronavirus Row: From Rishi Kapoor to Akshay Kumar – celebrities have mixed reactions!

While the singer continues to face flak for escaping airport screening, Rishi Kapoor posted a tweet to Taj Hotels on Friday. “Think. Chalo Delhi Airport is going to Nikal Gayi. Why didn’t an establishment like the Taj Lucknow Hotel have the ability to check visitors? After all, the Taj is a big name and a property. Surely they could have recognized it!”

The official website of Taj Hotels replied: “We have taken extensive precautions in all of our hotels, including thermal testing of all guests, employees and salespeople. At the time of check-in, their temperature was normal. The safety and well-being of our guests and employees are of the utmost importance. “

In response to the response, Rishi Kapoor stepped forward in Kanika’s support and tweeted without mentioning her name: “I appreciate, believe and respect the Taj Hotels for all of their guests in terms of security and protection. Please inform the media and the government concerned. The affected woman is unnecessarily made a victim. With her strict measures, she certainly did not transmit the virus. “

Unlike Rishi and Sonam Kapoor, not everyone in B-Town is sympathetic to Kanika.

Last night, singer Sona Mohapatra Kanika Kapoor was heavily responsible for not being responsible enough after coming to India from the UK earlier this month and mixing with numerous people at various public events despite being affected by the coronavirus was.

“The corona virus will explode because India is full of irresponsible idiots who demand everything from the government but don’t do anything about it,” Sona tweeted.

She added: “A typical example: #KanikaKapoor hid her travel story after landing in #India (goddess knows how), took part in events in Lucknow, Mumbai, celebrated during a stay in a 5 (star emoji) and did so Virus! So you all told me how easy the Prime Minister’s speech was, didn’t you? #WeThePeople. “

On Friday evening, Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar released a video asking fans to play it safe in the current scenario. In part of the video, he says in Hindi, without naming any name: “Passengers returning from their trips to Mumbai Airport are tested at the airport. Those at low risk are stamped and sent home or to the hotel for quarantine. As a precaution, you will be asked to maintain social distance for two weeks. But believe it or not, despite the quarantine stamp, some of these passengers travel not only to other parts of the city, but also to other parts of the country. They attend weddings, go on vacation, go to crowded places and even go to parties. What do you think? What is that mentality? What can you not understand? “

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