Since Kanika Kapoor has confirmed that it will test positive for COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, shock waves have been spreading across the industry and its fans. However, what has made internet users angry and shocked is the fact that the Baby Doll singer celebrated despite her health and was in direct contact with hundreds of people.

Kanika has reportedly refused to work with the airport authorities to conduct tests and to land abroad after landing in India. She hid her travel story and flew to Lucknow to attend some parties. While vehemently denying such reports, the singer said they had come together casually and had not been diagnosed with a corona until then.

Kanika Kapoor Coronavirus Row: Vasundhara Raje confirms that he is present at the party with son Dushyant Singh

But now, in a rather shocking turn, ex-Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje has taken over her social media grip to confirm that there was indeed a high-profile party where she and her son Dushyant were present in Lucknow, where Kanika was also present.

Vasundhara tweeted on her official Twitter handle: “While I was in Lucknow, I had dinner with my son Dushyant and his in-laws. Kanika, who unfortunately tested positive for # Covid19, was also a guest. Out of caution, my son and I immediately quarantined ourselves and take all necessary precautions. “

Indeed, on days when everyone encourages self-quarantine and social distancing, it was negligent of the singer to put her and the lives of so many others at risk. Kanika Kapoor is the first Bollywood celebrity to test positive for the corona virus. While several B-towers have condemned Kanika’s negligence, Madhya Pradesh CM, Yogi Adityanath has agreed to file an FIR against Kanika.

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