The Instagram post, in which singer Kanika Kapoor announced that she had tested positive for the corona virus, was removed from her. The singer has had severe online problems since her diagnosis, mostly due to the supposed lack of caution she had when she returned from the UK.

In her post, The Baby Doll singer wrote: “My family and I are now in complete quarantine and are following medical advice on how to proceed. Contact mapping of people I have been in contact with is also ongoing. “

Kanika Kapoor removes coronavirus mail due to brutal trolling by Internet users

Before the Baby Doll singer was hospitalized, he traveled from London to Mumbai and then to Lucknow. She interacted with many people with the possibility of putting them in danger. Internet users targeted her because she had not quarantined herself.

The Uttar Pradesh government also announced that it could be booked for murder if coronavirus deaths occur in the places where the singer lived and celebrated in Lucknow.

Meanwhile, celebrities like Sonam Kapoor and Mini Mathur have spoken in their defense, with Mini calling the attack on them a “witch hunt.”

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