While an FIR was filed in Lucknow for negligence against the singer Kanika Kapoor, the positive singer COVID-19 is criticized on social media for hiding her travel story. The hashtag #KanikaKaCoronaCrime started setting trends on Twitter on Saturday. Internet users also create memes.

Apart from that, a meme that has gone viral on Twitter shows a photo of the singer and that of a cleaning lady. It says: “Day laborers risk their lives to sanitize our surroundings so that the virus does not spread. Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor returned from the UK last Sunday, hid her travel story and stayed at the hotel to return after her return Attend parties, choose your heroes carefully! “

#KanikaKaCoronaCrime: From Padmaavat to Neha Dhupia’s Roadies reference – Kanika Kapoor’s COVID-19 series will be a meme festival!

A user shared a photo of a local train car that was cleaned by several cleaners and tweeted: “On the one hand, some so-called celebrities are celebrating and on the one hand, these people are working so hard that you have a lot more respect #KanikaKaCoronaCrime #CoronaStopKaroNa . “

Another user replied, “You have to set an example so that no rich brat or legitimate celebrity tries to do the same. Shame on people trying to defend #KanikaKaCoronaCrime organic terrists like that. “

Netizens also began to troll the singer, whom she called “Super Girl from China”. A user shared a picture of Kanika Kapoor and tweeted: “We warn against corona viruses that come from China. But we can’t alarm super girls from China. #CoronaStopKaroNa #Coronaindia #KanikaKaCoronaCrime. ”

Another meme has gone viral on social media and shows a screenshot from a fake Twitter account called Kanika Kapoor @BabyDoll. It reads: “Well, if I tested positive for corona virus after hiding my travel story and celebrating with a hundred people. It is my decision.”

The meme contains a comment from a fake account called Neha Dhupia @Roadieswali, which reads: “Kanika, yeh thoda zyada hogaya”.

For the uninitiated, Neha Dhupia was recently tricked into defending a girl for fraud in a relationship because of her comment “It’s her choice”.

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