Kanika's family ask your Covid-19-report
Kanika Kapoor had revealed in a recent Instagram post that she was tested positive for Covid-19. Soon, a picture of your test report went viral on social media. According to a news portal, Kanika family now has questions about the report, the wrong information on their age and gender. The report noted that, in an interaction with media persons, Kanika family claims that the report, which said Kanika positive for Covid-19, mentioned her age as 28 instead of 41, and her sex as male.

The ‘Baby Doll’ singer faced a lot of criticism in social media with several calls from your revel in social interactions. Clarify stand Kanika ETimes had said, “It’s these stupid rumors that I hidden me skip in the Laundry room to screening. Tell me, how is it possible for a person-to-skip screening at the port of entry, while you come on an international flight? I was properly screened at the Bollywood Mumbai airport, and I stayed in the city for a day. But since everything was closed and no work was going on (because of the industry-lockdown-due to the Corona Virus spread), have proposed to my parents, I’m coming home. So I reached in Lucknow on March 11 on the morning flight. And you can check that at that time there were no published recommendation by the government for all travel abroad to be under self-quarantine. How can you expect me to do it, especially when I shielded, and had had no health problems until I left Bollywood Mumbai? In fact, I developed symptoms four days ago.”

Kanika had landed in Bollywood Mumbai from London and then to Lucknow, where you a few events. The singer is currently in isolation in a hospital in Lucknow.