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‘Special 26’ director Neeraj Pandey came up with a web-series ‘Special Ops’, which is quite convoluted. It is a fictional eight-episode to start the series over a two-decade-long chase, the mastermind behind the 2001 Parliament blasts. Karan Tacker has made his digital debut with the series, and what better debut than this. Karan plays a RAW agent Farooq Ali. The actor went through a lot of difficulties and challenges during the filming, but he came out with flying colours do full justice to his character.

We have never seen Karan in this avatar. When I asked him how, he said for his character, Karan, “Work on the psychology of Farooq Ali was more important than working on me for a RAW agent. I was in the height of experience for Farooq Ali and this really came from the script, written by Neeraj Pandey, Deepak Kingrani and Benazir Ali Fida. I kept the script as my Bible and has helped me a lot to understand my character. As my character has an arc of nine to ten years, physically, I had to on my weight and body-language.”

Talk about the difficult situation he had been through, was his phobia of height. “There is a scene, when I should be on the top of a building terrace. I was on the 25th floor and standing on the ledge a lot of mental prep took as I have a extreme phobia of height. I wanted the stunt himself, instead of you want to for the body double, as I do, it will look real. That was really hard for me. But in General, the hardest part was the filming in Jordan, it was extremely cold. We had to dress up to, as we do in the summer, but we shot it in 1 to 6 degrees.”

Karan also shared its experience in working with Neeraj Pandey. He said, “Neeraj Sir has always been known for his realistic films. This is exactly the kind of work I wanted to do always, because my understanding of acting that you to no time, you should look at the way you act, and this is his General treatment in the direction of the cinema. He writes the material, so he has answers to everything and that is really interesting.”

‘Special Ops’ began streaming to Hotstarlovers of March 17.

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