Lockdown with Pulkit: Feels like an Apocalypse
21 days of lockdown. India is currently in lockdown mode. Each state, each capital, each town and village are all in a self-isolation zone.

It is exciting to deal with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, caused to close people everywhere in their homes. The virus does not care if you are a celebrity or a common man, he treated all the same. Document the effects of the closure and how it feels like to have self-isolated for 21 days, we invited the popular Bollywood actor Pulkit Samrat chronicle of his 21-day journey with us.

Pulkit was initially overwhelmed by the idea to document his life for 21 days. He said, “Wow, 21 days is a long time. I really don’t know what I’ll do for the next three weeks. But it will be interesting to document everything.”

Here’s the video of Pulkit on day 1 introduction to the 21-day lockdown series with us.

Pulkit parts of his personal diary for the next 20 days, and shares his UPS and downs dealing with this self-isolation period. Stay tuned and keep watching this space as we bring you a video per day.