Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor has recently spread the news that she has become infected with coronavirus amidst the ongoing turmoil around the world. She even attended several parties before she was diagnosed with the disease and caused great terror to people who came into contact with her. They are currently being treated in a hospital in Lucknow. The doctors call her about her tantrums.

A Sanjay Gandhi PGIMS doctor, who treats Baby Doll’s famous singer, has come out openly and talked about her treatment and what facilities she has at her disposal. The problem, however, is the lack of cooperation and starry attitudes that have caused problems for medical officials.

Lucknow Hospital BASHES Coronavirus infects Kanika Kapoor for causing starry tantrums

“Kanika Kapoor was given the best that is possible in a hospital. She has to work together as a patient and must not trigger a tantrum of a star. She receives a gluten-free diet from Hospital Kitchen. She has to work with us, ”said Dr. RK Dhiman, director of Sanjay Gandhi PGIMS, Lucknow, in an interview with the Hindustan Times.

In addition, he added information to all the facilities provided: “The facility provided is an isolated room with a toilet, a patient bed and a television. The ventilation of your room is air-conditioned with a separate air treatment unit for the Covid-19 unit. Great care is taken, but she has to behave first as a patient and not as a star. “

In the meantime, photos and videos of the singer, wearing a mask and sitting in an ambulance, had gone viral even before confirming the news that she had been hit by coronavirus.

Kanika Kapoor has also been beaten up by Internet users for her ruthless behavior in participating in multiple parties during her quarantine period, and an FIR has reportedly been filed due to this.

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