Luviena Lodh’s legal team releases statement alleging Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt and Amyra Dastur’s PR team ‘spreading rumour’

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Model-actress Luvina Lodh made headlines when she recently accused filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, brother Mukesh Bhatt of supplying drugs. She posted a video in which she stated that her husband Sumit Sabharwal, who claimed to be the nephew of Mahesh Bhatt, supplies drugs and human trafficking. He even alleged that Mahesh Bhatt is also in this business.

Later, Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt denied all the allegations and Sumit also denied all the allegations and said that he is not a nephew of Bhatt, but works in his office.

Now, Luvina’s lawyers have issued a fresh statement claiming that the Bhatt Brothers PR team and actress Amaira Dastur are making false accusations against them.

You can read the statement here.

“We mention people who are involved in rumor spreading and picking up a page 3 content by airing falsehoods said by my client, those involved in sabotaging our customers’ reputation and spreading the rumor mill are PR – Team none other than the following people:

1. Mahesh Bhatt, 2. Mukesh Bhatt, 3. Amaira Dastur, ४. Kumkum Sehgal and 5. Sahil Sehgal

That without mentioning the details of the orders passed and the ad-interim orders passed was nuisance, which has a completely different interpretation.

Following the video and subsequent interviews released by our client Ms. Luvina Lodh on 23 October 2020, Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt filed and Amaira Dastur filed separate cases in the High Court of Bombay and Kumkum Sehgal and Sahil Sehgal . For defamation in the City Civil Court in Bombay in the hope that my client would be intimidated and fall prey to his bullying tactics in front of the entire country, resulting in support by our client. On the contrary, note that our customers are strong-willed, have stood their ground and said that they have spoken nothing but truth and truth.

Hearing the defamation suit of Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt on 26 October 2020 under the High Court of Bombay (Suit (L) / 5102/2020) before 26 October 2020, he tried to prevent our client from holding press conferences and Gained a gag order against our client. Equally denied / even deferred, the rationale for the removal of the video was not considered and only post the statement made by our advocate that our client neither defamed anyone nor anyone The orders were designed to discredit those who interpreted that we would not discredit them in the future.

For brevity, the relevant paragraph is repeated. This will be followed by an ad-interim order in reference to prayer clause (a). For ease of reference the prayer clause (a) reads as follows: – “(a). Pending the trial and final disposal of the case, the defendant and / or his agent and / or servant and / or any person through Circumcise this honorable court order and injunction against, and / or make, publication, publication by and / or defendants and / or communicate to the public for any defamation / defamatory remarks and / or statements against applicants, whether demonstrative- Via abusive video for A to Vaadi or in some other way.

During the hearing of the defamation suit of Amaira Dastur (Suit (L) / 5102/2020) before the Bombay High Court on 9 November 2020, our clients put forward all points to remove the video to prevent further communication via Went but the court allowed our answer to be filed and when our advocate made a statement that we have neither in the past nor in the future defamed anyone and we are ready to take narco – analysis test an advertisement – Interim was passed, which if explained to the common man that speaks in the future there should be no defamation in any way, so somehow any court has barred our client from speaking the truth.

We also say that we have mentioned that our client has never spoken anything other than facts and is ready to undergo the narco-analysis test and lie-grab test if Amayra Dastur is following the truth of the Gospel So let them take the test too and everyone will be out on which the lawyer refused to take the test and things can be read between the lines as to why the person claiming defamation for narco – analysis test and lie detector test .

For brevity, the relevant paragraph is considered to be the respective presentations at the bar, it would be fair and appropriate to grant ad-hoc interim relief to the plaintiff in the context of prayer clause (c). For easy reference, the prayer clause (C) is reproduced here, which reads as follows; “(C). Pending the hearing and disposal of the suit, an order and injunction of this Honorable Court against the defendant and / or his agent and / or servant and / or any person claiming under the defendant from publication Should be passed, circling and / or communicating to the public and / or republishing any defamation / slanderous comments and / or communicating any derogatory, malicious, derogatory remarks and / or statements against the applicant / plaintiff, Whether it is derogatory and / or the derogatory statement listed in ‘Exhibit B to the Schedule’ and / or any other means and / or medium to the applicant / petitioner and / or the video in question; “

Explain that the PR – team that claims to have received an inter-interim order states that there is an order that prevents our client from making a true statement and that both orders simply do not mention or do not publish defamation That is available even before filing a lawsuit.

We are making the statement that the defenses of Mr. Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt, Kumkum Sehgal, Sahil Sehgal and Amaira Dastur are all false, false, baseless and yet another attempt to intimidate and sabotage my client. We are confident that the case filed by him will eventually be dismissed because the judiciary has full faith in being baseless and devoid of merit. We believe the truth will prevail. Our client retains the stand mentioned on the video of 23 October 2020 and all the facts mentioned are true and nothing but the truth and if anyone is claiming that it violates the orders passed then please stop the proceedings. It also mentions that our client has suffered a lot of mental trauma due to filing such lewd complaint and we will take appropriate measures available in the law. “

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  • Luviena Lodh’s legal team releases statement alleging Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt and Amyra Dastur’s PR team ‘spreading rumour’
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