Manjima Mohan is an appropriate response to a fan

Movies, celebrities and many others have been announced the return of the curfew of PM Narendra modi and they are advising people not to leave their homes. The 27-year-old actress Manjima Mohan who was last seen in ‘Devarattam’, also supported the 21-day lockdown and released, a message on her Twitter page. The actress is a fitting response to a fan who made an inappropriate comment to your post on Twitter.

Actress Manjima Mohan asked me why were the people find it to remain so hard at home and asked her to just stay. Meanwhile, a fan had commented on the actress body size and asked her if she would feed them. Was this inappropriate comment, the star is a normal response.

They replied to say the comment, “And then we have people like this! I usually don’t reply to these kinda tweets, but this is what I ask the people to stay home. If you think it is easy for everyone at home, without the work, you are wrong, bro! Money does not fall from the sky for us!”

The spread of the Coronavirus is increasing day by day. The number of positive cases in India is growing exponentially, and with up to 10 people have succumbed to the infection. A curfew was Minister, Narendra modi, for the next 21 days, the spread of the Coronavirus. issued by the Prime

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