Moushumi's daughter's ashes immersed

Moushumi's daughter's ashes immersed

Moushumi Chatterjee’s son-in-law Dicky Sinha is feeling extremely lonely even after losing his partner Payal, whom he married in 2010. Moushumi and her husband Jayant Mukherjee cut off contact with Payal and Dicky, and even when Payal breathed her last in December 2019, Dicky alleged that Moushumi did not come to see her daughter’s face. was. Things are still unpleasant between the two sides under consideration and Dickie, when contacted this afternoon, calmly said, “We are not in touch”. The relationship between Dickie and her in-laws has become so severe that according to Dickie, none of Payal’s parents asked about her ashes, which Dickie had kept outside her door for 18 months, and Nor did he inform them when he was ready to immerse them. Last week. Yes, Payal’s ashes were immersed last week only. Confirming this, Dickey told ETimes, “I had promised Payal that when her last rites were being performed, I would take her ashes (ash) at Triveni Sangam- the confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati rivers in Prayagraj. Will immerse myself – which was her. Favorite religious place, in which she had maximum faith. In fact, she wanted to go to Triveni Sangam but we couldn’t. Till today, I kept the ashes outside the door of my house. Now, I have kept her permanently at Triveni Sangam. She is happy where she is. She was a very good soul and I will always do anything for her.”

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Explaining the reason for the delay, Dickey revealed, “I had booked a ticket for Triveni last year. But then, the lockdown came into force”. Dickey concluded, “What I have lost is only I know. As I was dissolving the ashes I felt he blessed me. But even today, I feel a great emptiness inside me.” For those who are late, Chatterjee and Dicky had collaborated on a business, which soon led to differences between them. After that, Payal developed diabetes and remained in a coma for about 30 months. Reportedly, doctors managed to revive him somewhat, allowing him to manage to walk with support. However, later, her nephrological system led to several complications. He had two surgeries, one of which was brain. In 2018, in the interim, Moushumi filed a legal complaint that Dicky was not taking care of Payal and she should be handed over to them. However, Payal stayed with Dicky.

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