Mukesh Khanna believes that MeToo became a problem when women started working

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Mukesh Khanna always remains in the headlines with his shocking statements. Actors do not back down when it comes to giving their opinion on how they are received. The actor recently made a shocking statement that #MeToo became a ‘problem’ after women left the kitchen and worked.

In an interview with Film Chakkar, Khanna said that only when the women stepped out of the kitchen and started working, Mitu had a problem, adding, “Auratchna is alg hoti and man’s alti hoti is. The name of the woman is to take care of the house, which is to be forgiven. I can never speak. The problem is beginning with Kaha. Kirti is with Kandha from Kandhe with Aj and Marda. “

This caused a lot of resentment Twitter. One wrote, “Very sad commentary by # Mukeshkhanna. Both parents have to share the responsibility of raising the child and thus both parents can also contribute to the maintenance of the house. #MeToo is due to exploitation by men and instances where women are ready to present themselves “, another wrote,” This man is ill. In short, if women go out for work, are men entitled to sexually harass them? If women want protection, they should stay at home. Shame @actmukeshkhanna! “

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  • Mukesh Khanna believes that MeToo became a problem when women started working
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