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Neha is attacked on female employees

Neha is attacked on female employees
Neha Dhupia wrote a strongly-worded tweets in line with Andhra Pradesh tourism-official to a female worker stuck on digicam. After Timesofindia.com the disabled lady had appealed to the Deputy supervisor, to put on a masks and in a have compatibility of rage, he drew attacked her hair and her whilst two of my colleagues attempted to intrude. As a response on the stunning incident, Neha in combination, “What’s going on… this man and many more like him, if you are outside, you need to taught a lesson… everyone knows where his place is … seriously , where did this entitlement, ego comes, the wrath to come!!!”

Earlier Richa Chadha had additionally spoke back to the stunning incident and expressed anger on Twitter. “As quickly as he is in a position to overcome them to visit different unkils WITH HIM, go away the girl on my own, that he didn’t really feel the want to be reassured following this outbreak of violence FROM HIM. This is our society. You are silly if you happen to suppose we live within the illness. Sick,” Richa posted had.

According to the file, Andhra Pradesh tourism-the managing Director of as Deputy head, and in addition shaped a Committee of inquiry in disciplinary motion, suspended, in opposition to him.