Netizens ask Rishi if he's covered by a liquor
Bollywood veteran Rishi Kapoor is angry after a section of the social-media-teasingly asked him if he was well, filled up on alcohol, what with the 21-day lockdown announced as part of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It all started when Kapoor and his opinion posted on the block. “One for all, all for one. Let us do what we have to do. We have no option. We are all busy with each other and entertain you for the next time. Don’t Worry. No Need To Panic. Sala isko bhi dekh length. PM ji, don’t worry, we are with you! Jai Hind,” he wrote.

The comments on his tweet, one user wrote: “Daaru Ka Kota Full Hai Na Chinto Chacha”

Another user asked: “Sir, whisky ka stock Kar liya?”

Yet another user commented: “Chintubhai full stock rakha hai..”

This angered Kapoor, and he replied with a tweet in bold letters: “EACH of the DELETED JOKES ABOUT MY COUNTRY OR MY life style. BE CAREFUL AND WARNED. THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER. THEY HELP US TO TIDE OVER THE SITUATION.”

The veteran also individually, the trolls answered. The user with information about his stock of whisky, Rishi Kapoor wrote: “This a***holes find it funny. Be deleted.”

He replied to say to a troll: “you ek aur idiot.”

Needless to say, the actor is extremely disturbed by the’ netizens ‘ and therefore decided to give you a piece of his mind.

Recently, Rishi Kapoor tweeted a picture of a funny looking man together with a text that reads, “5 days at home the woman to hear.”

He titled it: “On a lighter note! Side effects of the Coronavirus.”

The tweet did not go down well with the film-maker Shoojit Sircar, who replied sarcastically, “Ya, it was only locked for 5 days.. woman /wife/mother, since the generations of the family serve.”

On Tuesday evening Prime Minister Narendra modi announced a complete lockdown for 21 days, in order to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic. Soon after, a veteran actor Rishi Kapoor, took to cooperate in order to Twitter, to the citizens, encourage, during the lockdown.

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