Rakhi Sawant had been a controversial queen herself. The actress made item songs and passed out the audience, but at the same time not with her fashion choices, but with controversy! Be it the series of kisses by Mika Singh, she has been courageous several times about her statement about cosmetic surgery.

Well, there have been leaked MMS in the past, along with the social media anger with their bespoke NaMo outfit. Don’t you remember everything? Check out the main controversies of Rakhi Sawant:

Narendra Modi’s bespoke outfit, leaked MMS to fake the marriage – Rakhi Sawant became the controversial queen 5 times!

Wedding with London businessman

Let’s start with the latest. It all started when some pictures from a wedding shoot went viral across multiple social media platforms and found that Sawant’s got into trouble in a private ceremony. While that turned out to be wrong, the actress claimed shortly afterwards that she had married a man named Rakesh from London. To date, however, there is no identification of the man! After all, is she really married?

NaMo individual outfit

The actress has been supporting PM Narendra Modi and his government since the country was under his leadership. But it was her NaMo outfit, in which Modi’s different images were printed across the entire LBD. The bum was even witness to a picture of the prime minister with the symbol “very good”. Placed unintentionally, it seems!

Leaked MMS

While it all started with Kim Kardashian’s leaked video, several other celebrities have reportedly released their videos for advertising. Whether the one with Rakhi Sawant in her bathtub in 2012 was intended or malformed is unknown, but the incident happened and took the internet by storm!

When After Baliye Makers did “Chitting”

While Bigg boss stayed with all the screaming, shouting and fighting, it was Baliye that sparked the real controversy. After Sawant lost the winning title, he accused the makers of manipulating the votes and even filed a complaint against them. She said, “Sab ne Chitting Kia Hai”. So if you do chitting, you have to pay for it.

Plastic surgery statement on koffee with karan

While Ananya Panday may still be disappointed that her father has never made it onto Koffee With Karan to date, Rakhi Sawant made her debut on Karan Johar’s show in season two. It was then when she made a statement that read: “Jo chizein god nahi deta, where doctor dete hain”. Do you really need another explanation?

Well, these are just a few. Mika Singh’s obvious kiss on her recent opinion on coronavirus and how to indulge in God remains among the others!

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