Home quarantine and missing all the Bollywood tea? So we figured out why we shouldn’t go back to some of the old good rumors. Recently it was Rakhi Sawant and now we bring you Poonam Pandey and her huge shows!

While she has her own app and has treated her fans with some bold videos every now and then, Poonam Pandey has given in to a massive controversial scenario in the past. Take a look at the 5 main series in which the brave actress has turned her head, not really in an appealing way.

Poonam Pandey’s 5 notorious acts: From the submission of the FIR against Raj Kundra to the gift of the “D Cup” to Pakistan via Abhinandan Varthaman’s ridicule

FIR against Raj Kundra

Recently Poonam came forward and accused Shilpa Shetty’s husband, Raj Kundra’s company, of continuing to use her app after the contract was terminated and of revealing her number. “To my horror, they also leaked my personal cell phone number along with messages like” Call me now that I’m free to speak “and” Call me now “. Let’s talk and I’ll be in the app for you move out, ”she said in an interview.

Bicth Talks Ft. Chitrangada Singh

Desi Boyz actress Chitrangada Singh unearthed Poonam Pandey for stripping for a sport and said she could never compete with such a woman. “How do you compete with Poonam Pandey when she is ready to undress for Kabbadi matches? I have never met Poonam and I don’t have a prsnl agenda, but I guess she does her bathroom rituals every day and sometimes includes striping, ”the actress tweeted.

Even the brave actress was not shy and gave it back: “It’s as funny as the people who know least about you have the most to say. Jealousy: that’s what makes a bitch talk.”

Strip for India’s victory!

The diva had claimed she would pretend to be naked or undress if the Indian cricket team won the game against Pakistan in 2011. While our country won, it did not. Later in an interview, Poonam admitted that everything should only attract attention and was nothing more than a mere advertising stunt.

Transformed Sachin Tendulkar as God

Well, sure, she’s obsessed with cricket and hits Pakistan from time to time. This turned out to be another controversial series when out of nowhere a picture of her naked next to a transformed picture of Sachin Tendulkar as a god went viral. The highlight was a Pak player who bowed in the frame.

She later mentioned it in her tweet and expressed her disappointment: “TweetHrts & all my fans around the world, I appreciate your love for me, but such edited pictures really hurt me, because cricket is a RELIGION for me.” [sic]”

“D Cup” to Pakistan

During Surgical Strike 2.0, our Air Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was stuck in Pakistan, but emerged victorious in his battle. The Pakistani media mocked the inspiring personality through a commercial. In return, Poonam Pandey took her inside out in front of the camera and said she wanted to give her rivals her “Double D Cup”.

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