Pregger Kalki Koechlin shared her baby photo with
his feet. The “Dev D” actress is due to deliver her baby this month.

Share the monochrome image on Instagram, wrote Kalki,
“I have to put my feet up. Literally. #wellings #pregnancy #longdays. “The
very pregnant actress can be seen lying on the bed wearing a short top and
shorts with his legs resting on the window in an upward position.

Fans commented on her baby bump photo, one fan wrote: “Best
wish angel “while another commented,” Enjoy your pregnancy .. stay blessed
always @kalkikanmani. Another fan said, “Have a safe pregnancy and childbirth.”
Do your best in the toughest job in the world. Always remember that you are sculpting
every moment of your life that you spend with them. “We just wrote:” Love
that baby bump. “

Kalki, who is expecting her first child from her partner Guy
Hershberg gave us a glimpse of his baby bump in his latest magazine
Photo shoot. The actor “Dev D” was magnificent in the image and proudly displayed
her baby bump.

Earlier, Kalki revealed in an interview that it was an unplanned pregnancy
and she had no plans to marry Guy anytime soon.

“This pregnancy was unexpected. We thought we had a child around
two years but since it happened earlier we don’t want it to be pressure
to marry. When we think the time is right, we decide. Marriage for me
is for convenience only, such as in terms of registration for the sake of
the child, for schooling. I’m not too interested in a religious
perspective. None of our families are putting pressure on us, ”she said.

Revealing her pregnancy, Kalki said she is already feeling the change
in her and that pregnancy made her more patient.

“I’m already feeling the changes in how I react to things. I’m more
deliberate, slower, more patient. When motherhood finally arrives, it brings
with it a new awareness of your sense of person. I still want to work but
it is less a question of the breed of rats than of feeding by its work.
It’s about infusing focus and energy inward, “she said.

The 35-year-old actress also revealed that she plans to give birth to her baby.
via water distribution. Preparing for his water supply, Kalki Koechlin
already started to prepare for it. Kalki now spends time listening to Guy
music – who is a pianist, walking around with him and doing yoga. She has also
reduces the use of mobile phones.

On the work front, the actress is frequently seen in a number of websites
series like “Sacred Games 2” and “Made in Heaven”.

Kalki Koechlin