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Producer Prernaa Arora finally issues a statement against the latest accusations

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‘Pad-Man” producer Prernaa Arora, finally, a statement against the latest allegations issued leveled on her. Your lawyer, attorney Sunny Punamiya responds to the latest report, said, “Statements were ignored, facts were twisted and a clear violation of judicial procedure & ethical practices have been done, malicious in my customers in the image, not only when the matter under the court procedures but also in the media. This clearly shows the dirty & unethical means and behavior are examined by the concerned opposite parties.”

As per Mumbai mirror report, Prernaa been sentenced to six months in jail for contempt of court. Now in your defense, your attorney, a long-winded statement rubbishing the reports from your customers of the compliance with the Court order. On your side of the story, their statement reads, “The investment of Gothic entertainment was to the tune of Rs. Is now 29,25 cr in the period 2016-17 & 2017-18 and Kriarj Entertainment Pvt LTD has indisputably paid a total of a whopping Rs. 40.88 cr on a stunning 60% p. a. the Scam finally, and the most important investment. This was done only to honor the agreement between the parties.”

“Prerna Arora is not required to surrender on the 2. March 2020 by order of the Hon’ble court. Further, in accordance with the order of the Hon’ble High Court, Prerna Arora, a Demand Draft of Rs also has has placed. 15 Lakh and an unencumbered property worth Rs. 50-60 Lakh. An amount of Rs. 40. 88 Crore has undisputedly been paid to Gothic Entertainment via the amount of Rs. Is now of 29.25 Crore as tax debtor. Thus, an excess payment of Rs. 11 Crore 63 Lakh was made to the Gothic entertainment P. Ltd., at a staggering interest rates of 60% p. a. The was done about the payment, only to honor the agreement between the parties,” her lawyer says.

He added, “Prernaa has the firm intention of compliance with the directions of the Hon’ble High Court of Bombay and holds the Hon’ble court in highest esteem and respect, with the utmost faith in the judiciary. My client has also filed a Demand Draft of Rs. 15 Lakh and an unencumbered property worth Rs. 50-60 Lakh. In contrast to the false reports published in the media, Prernaa was given the time by the Hon ‘ ble High Court to clear, the rest of the payment and must not waiver 02.03.2020. This is clearly an intention to tarnish the image and reputation of my client.”

“Gothic-entertainment is just a simple investor who had KriArj to the interest base for the financial loan to M/s entertainment. You twisted the facts and presented to the media for an unfair “media-study”, which is a complete violation of the judicial ethics, so downing the image of the courts. My client has been put behind bars for 9 months, which made it impossible for her to run her business, gather & organize for funds. You have completely this fact is overlooked. This is unnecessary & superfluous pressure on a law-abiding citizen, the aim is the solution of all questions, in spite of being in a corner, which is no fault of your. We are not to be taken lightly, and require the same with full force, “ completed her lawyer.

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