Rahul Dev says, he learns to sword fight
Actor Rahul Dev, who is known for playing villainous characters on the screen and says that he is releasing all the necessary information with his family in Delhi, in the midst of the Corona-Virus-pandemic. The actor also reveals that he with this time, the connection with his family and learning new skills.

In an exclusive interaction with the ETimes, Rahul measures it takes to combat it speaks about the current pandemic and what all caution. Excerpts…

How has life changed post the Corona Virus pandemic?

The General pace has slowed down. There is more time for others, was to reflect for myself. I am also the time to learn new skills. I have one and enjoy sword-fighting lessons.

What kind of precautions you take?

I’m paying more attention will help you on hygiene in General, and sharing the process with others, including my house. I’m taking precautions, such as frequent washing of hands, the use of a face mask and avoid public places.

How did this affect your work? Any cancelled shoots?

Currently the sync for my next show, which was planned for an early Version was put on ice. Thus, the measured values of some of my scripts have been driven forward. Both of my shoots have been cancelled until March 31 as well.

How busy you keep yourself, as everything is in lockdown… all you have to do is, in this free time?

Some of my promotional activities will soon begin. Other than that, I read screenplays that were offered to me and the connection with my family, time for others, learning new skills, and count my countless blessings.

How are you at taking care of your family and the families at this time?

I can’t do much, except for share what information I have from the recognised platforms. My son and mother to stay in Delhi. She is careful, and he is very aware of this. I would have traveled to see you, but I think this is the time when all of us should avoid traveling at all.

What is the message you want to give to all during this time?

I would advise everyone, to share the simple gifts of hygiene, and friendly to our environment, which has been taken for granted for too long. Who help you can start from home. Take time for family, loved ones, people who work for you and your own self. Please refrain from spreading any kind of rumors or false claims with the virus to do. It is time for patience and kindness.

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