Salman Khan pays Faraaz Khan's medical bills

Mumbai: Salman Khan pays Faraaz Khan's medical bills.

Salman Khan Has extended a helping hand to the ailing Faraz Khan, who is being treated at the Intensive Care Unit of Vikram Hospital, Bengaluru. Superstars help Faraz to clear his medical bills.

Actress Kashmira Shah shared the news of Salman Khan’s contribution. Sharing a painter of Salman, Kashmira wrote in his post, “Thanks for taking care Faraz Khan And his medical bills. Actor Faraj Khan of Fareb fame is in critical condition and Salman stands by his side and helped him like he helps many others. I am and always will be a true fan. I don’t care if people don’t like this post. I have the option to unfollow you. This is what I think and feel. I think he is the most genuine person I have met in this film industry. “

Meanwhile, Pooja Bhatt is the first person who brought the issue of Faraz Khan’s illness to light. He appealed to everyone to come forward and help the ‘Fareb’ actor.

Sharing the link to the fundraising platform with her tweet, Pooja Bhatt wrote: “Please share and contribute if possible. I am. Will be grateful if any of you can be.”

Faraz Khan’s brother Fahman Khan has also sought financial help on stage and wrote: “My dear brother, a cherished friend and a dear artist is on the brink of life today. Faraz Khan who gave many years of his life to art.” You need your help to survive today, to act and to give your best in front of the camera only to impress your audience. Please help me raise enough money to get Faraz in need of his treatment. “

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