Saroj Khan is back in the controversy. And this time, she has pulled Ganesh Acharya. This morning it was reported that the leading choreographer has accused Acharya for the division of Cine-Dance Association (CDA) and the Manipulation of a dancer. In a press conference, she said: “CDA was founded in 1955 and has dancers like Remo D’souza and Ahmed Khan on the industry. Also Ganesh and his father were a part of it. The Start of a new organization, the boycott of their roots is infidelity. Ganesh badmouthing CDA was. anywhere in the industry, and poaching his dancers by the promise of making more money Share the dance community, Ganesh has to take his own people, the contributions in the new club.”

This morning we woke up with the shocking accusations of ace choreographer Saroj Khan V. Ganesh Acharya ends. She has him club the blame for the division of Cine-Dance and the Manipulation of a dancer. We came in contact with Acharya know his version, and he had even more shocking revelations to

We came to know in contact with Ganesh Acharya to his side of the story. He seemed shocked by the allegations, which Khan started the conversation by saying, “Aap Saroj Ji se hi pucho ki kya chal raha hai.”

Ganesh also said that the CDA offices closed for 6 months – as Association procedure is to have in court, and all of a sudden, a couple of members along with Saroj Khan opened, some new rented office, don’t want to go into the dancers.


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