SEVENTEEN: We want to top Billboard charts

SEVENTEEN: We want to top Billboard charts

Korean pop band SEVENTEEN is back with their mini-album ‘Your Choice’ and it’s all about the power of love. On Friday, the 13-member band released the official music video of its title track ‘Ready to Love’. The band made their music video debut at a global press conference this afternoon. The bands of S.coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon, Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK, Seungkwan, Hoshi, Jun, The8 and Dino made their album to perfection, the love for their fans – carat, clear about their desire done to top the Billboard music charts and more. Excerpt: Revealing the meaning behind his title song ‘Ready to Love’, DK, who is part of the vocal unit, said, “This song is about feeling love for a friend or person whom I have loved. Thought he was a friend and boldly prepared to confess.”

The band, which has been in business for over 6 years, opened up about their motivation to come back stronger every year with better music. The group’s leader, S. Koops, said, “I think we can only get here because of our fans, Carat, and because we have each other (members), we go down the same path and have a -Pat others on their backs. The driving force to grow came from watching all of our members grow individually and it inspired me to move forward and add meaning to this team.”

Dino, who is the band’s youngest member and is part of the performance unit, said, “Every time seventeen grows up, we thought we shouldn’t be complacent and always try harder. I guess that’s why. That we can keep growing. Artists come even more.”

With this new album the boys were asked about their goals. Mingyu, part of the hip-hop unit, politely said, “We always want to come back and show different sides of Seventh and repay all the love and support Carat has sent us. Our goal during this promotion is to stay healthy and stay healthy. Hope we can make a positive impact on as many people as possible.”

Seungquan of Vocal Unit said, “I have a real goal. We always release our albums on Mondays, but this is the first time that we are releasing our album on Fridays. We are targeting audiences in the US and in the US. And we’re set to perform in several international shows, so it would be really cool to have our name on the Billboard charts.”

With a big smile on his face, he admitted, “If we rank on the Billboard charts, it’ll be really great and we’ll be energized.”

S.Coupes shouted in response, “I think it would be a real honor to have our name on the charts. Of course we want to top the Billboard charts.”

Seungkwan joked, “We can always dream of it. Can you write it as ‘First on the Billboard charts’ for the main title and as ‘They want to top the charts’ in the content? Can you continue?”

The.8 also shared their ideal goal, saying, “Of course we want to be on top of the charts, but our goal is to get as many people energized by listening to our album as possible. And as with the project ‘Power of Love’.” ‘. Hope we can reach out to many people and give them positive energy and strength.”

The band was also asked what new sides they were bringing with this new album. To this Joshua replied, “I think love is at the heart of our actions, whether it’s self-love, love for our friends, love for our family, or even your pets. These are examples of many forms and sizes. There is love, but the main thing is that love is at the center of it. Through the ‘Your Choice’ and ‘Power of Love’ projects, we are bringing these diverse forms to our own unique ways. Through this, we want to create music that many people can relate to and show Seventeen a new side that no one has seen before.”

When asked about a message for Caret, who has been his support and inspiration over the years, S Coops said, “Caret, we worked so hard for 8 months thinking only of you, so I hope That you are really happy with this album. We want to make many great memories with this album with Kait and bring you coolness in this scorching summer.”

DK also shared his thoughts about how his fans have been supporting him since his debut in 2015. He said, “Our album talks about the forms and ways you love and this is represented through our title song. When you listen to this song, you see the mature form of love of Seventeen. If we can define the love of carat then it is a driving force that really drives us. You drive us and inspire us to do better. Whatever we do in the future, We will never forget that you were with us.”

“Since our debut, we’ve always conveyed the message that the carat is the reason we are, so thank you very much Caret,” Dino said. Bands like BTS, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and many others pl KINGDOM, DONGKIZ, Twice and many others are scheduled to return in July, SEVENTEEN was asked if they feel any pressure from the competition. Assuring how they view their fellow K-pop artists, Wonwoo said, “Instead of thinking of it as competition, we think of it as an opportunity to work with other amazing artists. When we When we see other artists performing, we also get inspired and get a positive impression. Since we are confident in our music and performance, we don’t feel any pressure.” “Every time we make a comeback, it’s with amazing actors. We don’t feel any pressure. We just do our bit and work hard,” S.Koops said in agreement. The mini-album ‘Your Choice’ includes tracks like ‘Heaven’s Cloud’, ‘Ready to Love’ (title track), ‘Anyone’, ‘Gam3 BO1’, ‘Wave’ and ‘Same Dream, Same Mind, Same Night’. . .

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