Many Bollywood celebrities share videos that raise awareness of the corona virus, and the latest is Shah Rukh Khan. The superstar visited his social media sites and published two videos asking people to stay safe, stay indoors, and not ignore their health.

In the first video, Khan says: “I appeal to everyone to avoid public places and avoid commuting by train and bus when it is not absolutely necessary. The next 10-15 days are extremely important. In order to combat this crisis, the government and citizens must fight strongly together. So I appeal again, please don’t panic. Please be careful with misinformation and follow the instructions and guidelines of the state government. “

Shah Rukh Khan urges people to fight #WarAgainstVirus; Many thanks to the officials for ensuring public security, WATCH

He gave this video the title “Let’s get together and fight this #WarAgainst virus”. @CMOMaharashtra @AUThackeray ”.

Watch the video below:

In the second video, which is in Hindi, Shah Rukh Khan thanked all BMC officials and doctors who worked day and night and ensured people’s safety. In the video, the Swades actor says: “Duniya bhar me Coronavirus ne apna bura saya dala hua hai. Is Kathin Samay my Aap Aur Humey Ek Hokar is Mushkil Ko Rokna Hoga. “

SRK thanked all officials and instructed people to wash their hands, not to travel unless it was important, and to keep their distance from people who only we can fight against the corona virus.

Check out the video below:

In the meantime, PM Narendra Modi announced a curfew on Junta from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday and asked all people across the country to stay at home. This decision is made to avoid the spread of the virus in the country.

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