Sivamani on SP Balasubrahmanyam’s death: It’s a big shock and loss but his voice and music are with us

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Shivamani started his music career at a very young age and when he started his professional career, he considered SP Balasubramanian as his godfather. He is saddened by the demise of his mentor but says that his music and voice will always be with music lovers. In a recent conversation with Bollywood Bollyinside, Shivamani also shared with us the last voice note sent by SP Balasubrahmanyam.

Remembering his mentor, Shivamani said, “He has given it not only to me but to all music lovers. He was like a child. 35 years I traveled with him and I learned how to respect musicians, he never spoke bad of anyone. This is the greatest quality of my Guru. He left us just like that and it is a big loss but his voice and music are with us. 20 years ago I played a song and while he was singing Antara (words), he mentioned that ‘Even my body is going, my voice and music will always shine.’ When I played the song, I did not want to see my Anna dying, but she died. This is a major setback and loss. “

His wife Runa Rizvi said, “I used to call him Guruji and father in Chennai. He used to tell me ‘I am your father in Chennai and you come to me. Every time he used to say to Shivamani ji, I am proud of you son ‘. He loved her very much. “

Talking about the final voice note, Shivamani said, “He sent me a note that said, ‘Shiva don’t send a bouquet nor celebrate on my birthday (which was on June 4) because I don’t do all this Wanted because all musicians are suffering due to lockdown. ‘I took video bytes of all my band members and made a video and wish him a happy birthday. “

SP Balasubramanian died on 25 September after a long battle with health complications due to coronovirus infection. He was 74.

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