The singer Sona Mohapatra jumped heavily on the singer Kanika Kapoor because she was not responsible enough after her arrival from Great Britain earlier this month and, despite the corona virus, mixed with numerous people at various public events.

In a series of tweets, Mohapatra also expressed doubts that the spread of COVID-19 in India could be effectively curbed, which has to do with “irresponsible idiots” who don’t follow the rules and endanger the lives of everyone around them.

Sona Mohaptara beats Kanika Kapoor over Coronavirus Row: “Irresponsible idiots …”

“The corona virus will explode because India is full of irresponsible idiots who demand everything from the government but do nothing for it,” Mohapatra tweeted.

She added: “A typical example: #KanikaKapoor hid her travel story after landing in #India (goddess knows how), attended events in Lucknow, Mumbai, went partying while living in a 5 Glowing Star and has the virus! So you all told me how “simple” the Prime Minister’s speech was, didn’t you? #WeThePeople, ”she wrote.

Kapoor said on Instagram on Friday that she tested positive in a long note. “In the last 4 days I had signs of flu, I had it tested and it was positive for Covid-19. My family and I are now in complete quarantine and are following medical advice on how to proceed, ”Kapoor said in the post. “I was scanned as usual at the airport 10 days ago when I got home. The symptoms only developed 4 days ago. At this point, I would like to urge you all to isolate yourself and to be tested to see if you have the signs, ”she said.

Upon returning from the UK with the virus, Kapoor attended three parties in Lucknow, one in Kanpur, and was involved in at least two other public gatherings, reported. The former Prime Minister of Rajasthan, Vasundhara Raje, and her son, BJP MP Dushyant Singh, quarantined themselves for being in one of the parties in which Kanika Kapoor was present.

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