Sonali Bendre does not believe in being a friend of her son and for the right reasons

Actress Sonali Bendre is extra of a pleasant father or mother than a friend of her 14-year-old son.

“I am not my child’s friend and I don’t think I have to. I am his parent and why can’t I be a friendly parent and have a great time together? There are certain things he does with his father, his aunts , his friends, and his grandparents. There must be an exit to healthy relationships, “mentioned Sonali Bendre.

Sonali Bendre added, “I tell my child that you know technology better than I do, but however grown up you are, your brain is not fully developed and may not be able to process the emotional part of it.” Where oldsters come in. It is an funding in conversation and it all the time can pay off. “

Sonali Bendre persevered speaking about her courting with her son and mentioned, “I by no means lied to my kid, I may just get dressed up for the reality, however I by no means lied. If I be expecting my kid to be truthful, I’ve to stick dependable to him. The most effective explanation why you do not need to be totally truthful is they analyze and realize it at a younger age, and you do not need it to be “so big” that the kid might be scarred. To make it a little more straightforward, give them a model of the reality. “

Sonali Bendre instructed about her son in an episode of the Jaavn podcast “Raising Parents”.

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