Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor has been tested in the news since she is positive for coronavirus. The singer, who is currently a treatment for the disease, which has trolls, harsh criticism and backlash from netizens and social media.

Early Saturday evening, actress, Sonam Kapoor came to the singer’s defence, and shut-down-haters to the fact that on the day the singer arrived, India was busy playing Holi.

“Hey guys @TheKanikakapoor came back on the 9. India was not to isolate themselves, but to play Holi,” she tweeted.

Your tweet does not seem to go down too well with netizens, who criticized you for your comment and also shares the reason for their anger.

The trolls were fast and had a field day roasting the actress with scathing posts, while the other occurred in the comments ” section with memes.

Here’s what social media had to say users to:

Moments after receiving backlash for her comment, Sonam shared a post on Instagram, emphasizing, is that kindness, compassion and understanding the need of the hour, and there was no place for hatred and negativity.

Her note read, “kindness, empathy and understanding is the need of the hour. Self-discipline, self-reflection and isolation is the need of the hour. There is no place for negativity, hate, xenophobia, racism and dishonesty. Please, please stay home if you can. Hot water to drink as much as you can.

Gargle with salt. You can bathe as soon as you get home and not sit anywhere, before you do it. Wash clothing immediately, or sun, you

Clean all metal surfaces

Do not smoke

Should be washed the hands several times a day.

Elevate zinc and vit c doses.

Pets do not spread the virus, to stop or kill you.

Do not eat cold things.

Attack neck pain immediately. Apparently the virus lives in the throat for 3-4 days before moving into the lungs.”

Kanika Kapoor, who has been accused was positively tested for COVID-19,, negligence, and allegedly to infect others. The Bollywood singer returned from the UK last Sunday, and allegedly concealed their travel history after their return, stayed in a hotel and attended parties.

Kanika has allegedly said that there is no published recommendation by the government for all travel abroad to be under self-quarantine when she returned to India. March-11. She added that she had no health problems at this time and that they develops symptoms only a few days ago.

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