Sonu Sood would let a biopic made on him only on THIS condition

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Amidst the Coronavirus-inspired lockdown, Sonu Sood has emerged as a true-blue hero and earned the title of ‘Migrant Messiah’. The actor went out of his way to help migrants and students reach their homes amid lockdowns.

And not only that, he has continued to reach someone who is in dire need of help. From reuniting families to buying back cows of a poor farmer, Sonu has done it all in the superhero genre. Naturally, a biopic of the actor is being discussed which is in the pipeline. However, the actor feels that he still has a lot to deserve to be a biopic. The ‘Dabangg’ actor also opened up only about the condition that if he ever has a biopic made, he has. read on.

In a recent interview with Spotboye, Sonu said that it is too early to make a biopic on him. “I think it’s too early to film on me.” I have too many appointments to keep. To achieve so many goals. But there are producers who insist that in the last few months of my life there have been many films, not just one. But I do not know that I am ready to put my life on the screen. Hundreds of people arrive here every day. Much remains to be done. God has given me this opportunity to make myself useful for the society. “Don’t back down on my achievements and be sad,” she told Entertainment Portal.

However, if a biopic is made on them, the actor has only one precondition. Explaining his position, Sonu told the portal, “I will play myself. When I have a biopic, I feel that I have earned the right to be in it. So this would be my only condition for a biopic. “

Well, the actor has made it clear that he wants to act in his biopic and we think he fully deserves it. Don’t you guys agree?

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  • Sonu Sood would let a biopic made on him only on THIS condition
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