Today Latest Bollywood News Covers – “Sunny Deol: I am not here for vendetta politics”

The BJP-Akali Dal candidate from the Gurdaspur constituency in Punjab, Sunny Deol, said Thursday that he had not entered politics with vendetta issues.

Addressing a series of electoral rallies in Batala, he said unnecessary statements were being issued against him.

He stated that he would not waste his time countering such statements and that he would work rather hard to achieve his goal, namely to win the siege.

The actor turned politician said his mind was busier to think about job creation and constituency development than rumors.

He called on voters to vote for the candidate concerned about the future of the region.

Local legislator Lakhbir Singh Lodhinangal said neither Congressman Sunil Jakhar nor Chief Minister Amrinder Singh could make any improvements or initiate development work in the region.

The BJP-Akali Dal sent Deol, aged 62, from Gurdaspur, whose headquarters is represented four times by the actor …

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