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Sushant Singh Rajput, his female friend Rhea Chakraborty was once allegedly bring to a halt controlling his lifestyles and you sought after him from his family. They modified even the non-public group of workers of Sushant. According to a document within the Republic, the TV, over a time period, Rhea of their very own group of workers to be appointed, in order that she may cope, Sushant budget. Among the group of workers, which was once the ultimate, Sushant bodyguard on March 22, earlier than the lockdown. He’s been there since January of 2019.

Republic TV got here into touch with the bodyguard, and he made some stunning revelations about Rhea and her family.

Changes in Sushant’s perspective and lifestyles taste

The bodyguard confirmed that once Rhea Chakraborty entered Sushant lifestyles, he was once a modified guy. He did not communicate a lot, as prior to now, the whole thing was once managed through the Rhea.

Expenses of Rhea

Rhea was once the birthday party, and additionally her father used to put to Sushant. Even Rhea brother Showik be used to his pals to Sushant the home for the birthday party. But Sushant used to sleep, and by no means attend those events. Also, the bodyguard stated, Sushant carried the prices of those events.

Disease post-Europe-trip

“After his trip to Europe, he was sick.. he was always in bed.. always active.. would run the preparation for the Ironman triathlon.. swimming, gymming..”, the past due actor’s bodyguard stated.

Pharmacists used to doubt, the medication

The bodyguard stated that after he used to visit, to get the medicine, the pharmacist would ask him for the recipes, how the medication had been very robust.

Employees alternate

The bodyguard stated that Rhea Chakraborty and her family modified all the group of workers. He was once the ultimate guy brushed aside.

To seek advice from Rhea’s family, his space, and now not Sushant family

“Something may occur that Sushant sir individuals of the family can’t come to seek advice from. But to come back to Rhea ma ‘ s family. Earlier sir sister Priyanka didi use. When sir was once unwell, the whole thing was once looked after Rhea, ma’am, with the intention to do the rest,” he said.

Sushant was used as a money card

He said that Sushant doesn’t have much when he was a simple person. He used to be a simple way of life and ate only prepared home-cooked food, from his boss.

The bodyguard feels that it can play a foul, as he says, Sushant was a brave man, and he can’t commit suicide. So, whatever allegations against Rhea, should be properly investigated, as per him.

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