Suzanne Khan moves in with ex-Hrithik Roshan with kids

After 13 years of happy married life, Hrithik Roshan and
Suzanne Khan officially split in 2014, but the ex-couple are co-parenting their
two children, Hridhaan and Hrehaan. At the time of the Corona-Virus-pandemic, the separated
Parents are the best decision to live together and face the hard time

Suzanne had accepted, Hrithik, the decision together
with children for your children are interested in. So temporarily, Suzanne, and their children in Hrithik is moved

Hrithik thanked Sussanne as a “supportive and
Understanding” is a note shared on his Instagram account. He wrote,
To “it is unimaginable for me to think like a parent, to be separated
of my children at a time when the country have a practice lock.”

“It is
to see the heart-warming, the world to come together as one in this time of deep
the uncertainty and the possibility of months of social distancing and potential
lock feature, for several weeks, maybe. While the world is talking about humanity
come together, I think it is more than just an idea, especially for
Parents share the custody of their children. How to keep your children close to you
without the violation of the rights of the other, which also has an equal right to
with his/her children,” he added.

Hrithik praised
Sussanne for the implementation of the interests of the Hrehaan and Hridhaan first. “This is a
Image of love Sussanne (my ex-wife) , who has kindly volunteered
to temporarily move out of your home, so that our children separately
for an indeterminate period of time from either one of us. Thank you Sussanne, that you are so supportive
and understanding in our journey of co-parenting,” he wrote.

“Our Children
will tell you the story that we create for this purpose. I hope and pray that, in order to
protect the health of us and our loved ones, we all find our way,
express love, empathy, courage, strength, with an open heart,” the actor
at the end of his post.

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